Marie Noojin

Marie Noojin is Defining Home Design Group’s Leading Designer. She holds an Interior Design degree from the University of Alabama and has over 20 years of design experience. Marie strives to work with Defining Home clients to create spaces that are a true reflection of the client’s lifestyle and tastes.  She listens to our clients and seeks to understand how they live in their spaces before beginning a design plan. Her love of textiles and ability to layer textures and fabrics enable her to create cohesive, polished yet livable spaces. 

During her time with Defining Home, some of Marie’s favorite design projects have been client’s vacation homes where she finds people are more flexible in their design style, and willing to take more risks.  In terms of the design process itself, Marie loves to see her projects come to life at installation.  The relationship between architecture and interior design is never more evident than the work Marie does in collaboration with Defining Home’s architects.  The symbiotic relationship created when architect and designer are under one roof, enables both to learn from one another, and enhance both the architecture and design elements of the project.  Marie embraces this relationship, and it shows in her work.