Tom Adams

A principal with Defining Home Design Group, Tom Adams holds degrees in both Architecture and Interior Architecture.  Previously of Adams Gerndt Design Group, Tom launched Defining Home to provide wholistic architecture, design and retail services to the residents of Birmingham and the surrounding areas.  Whether you are looking to build a home from the ground up, revamp the interiors of your home, or simply purchase a new sofa, Tom wanted clients to be able to come to one place.  Well regarded in the industry and community, Tom’s passion for design is infectious.  As a result, he has built a team of like-minded designers and professionals who seek to serve our clients in whatever capacity necessary. 

Tom’s projects have been featured in local and national publications such as Birmingham Home and Garden, Southern Home, Decor and Garden & Gun. Specializing in ground-up construction, Tom has significant experience designing not only client’s permanent residences but also vacation homes such as lake, beach and farm houses. One of Tom’s most unique architecture and design projects was a fully equipped duck hunting camp on a barge in Louisiana.  It is truly one of a kind. A design chameleon, Tom as well as the rest of his team seek to leave a project without injecting a “signature style” into a property.  The finished project is always a true reflection of his clients.


Paula Adams

Paula Adams is a principal with Defining Home Design Group, and manages the firm’s accounting and operational activities.  A seasoned operations manager, Paula spent thirty years with a large software company headquartered in Birmingham before joining Defining Home five years ago.  Paula has been integral in systemizing the firm’s purchasing, accounting and billing functions. The result has been to create a seamless and efficient experience for designers and clients saving them valuable time. As the child of a designer, Paula has a unique understanding of the importance of this work in our client’s lives, and strives to ensure that Defining Home designers have the tools necessary to exceed our client’s expectations.   

Her tireless work ethic and desire to put customers, clients and firm first directly advances Defining Home’s core goal of providing clients a wholistic and all-encompassing design experience.


Marie Noojin

Marie Noojin is Defining Home Design Group’s Leading Designer. She holds an Interior Design degree from the University of Alabama and has over 20 years of design experience. Marie strives to work with Defining Home clients to create spaces that are a true reflection of the client’s lifestyle and tastes.  She listens to our clients and seeks to understand how they live in their spaces before beginning a design plan. Her love of textiles and ability to layer textures and fabrics enable her to create cohesive, polished yet livable spaces. 

During her time with Defining Home, some of Marie’s favorite design projects have been client’s vacation homes where she finds people are more flexible in their design style, and willing to take more risks.  In terms of the design process itself, Marie loves to see her projects come to life at installation.  The relationship between architecture and interior design is never more evident than the work Marie does in collaboration with Defining Home’s team.  The symbiotic relationship created when all designers are under one roof, enables each to learn from one another, and enhances all elements of the project.  Marie embraces this relationship, and it shows in her work.


Janet Clifton

Janet Clifton is an Interior Designer working with Defining Home Design Group.  She holds a degree in Interior Design from the University of Georgia and spent many years working in Atlanta before relocating to Birmingham five years ago.  Janet begins her projects by meeting with clients in their home to get both a sense of the space and the client’s personal style. After determining the overall color palate and aesthetic, Janet focuses on the larger pieces first to help define the space.  Since items such as art, rugs and accessories are personal to each individual client she works with, Janet selects these items carefully to ensure comfortable, livable and edited design. While she enjoys the entire process, Janet particularly enjoys creating the schematics and choosing fabrics and finishes for custom pieces. 

One of Janet’s favorite Defining Home projects was working with a couple who were downsizing after becoming empty nesters. She worked closely with the clients to blend the couple’s extensive collection of antiques with more modern furnishings. The result was a beautiful juxtaposition of old and new. Janet enjoys working with Defining Home Design Group because of the firm’s resources, collective expertise and carefully curated selection of lighting, art and case goods.  While Janet still works on several projects per year in Atlanta, she also provides design services to Birmingham and surrounding area residents as well as Defining Home customers and clients.



Hadley Dobson handles Defining Home Design Group’s Interior Architecture.  A Mobile native, Hadley received her Interior Design degree from the University of Southern Mississippi with an emphasis on Interior Architecture.  Hadley joined Defining Home shortly after she and her husband relocated to Birmingham.

While she is involved with Defining Home’s custom home projects from the beginning, her work truly begins as the interiors take shape.  Hadley is responsible for all the project’s interior fixtures including flooring, tile, cabinetry, electrical placement, paint color, hardware and stain choices. She works closely with Defining Home clients to understand their needs for each room of their home and strives to design the interior architecture around them. As a result of this close relationship, Hadley designs with little constrictions or oversight, already having such a clear vision of the client in mind. Hadley’s favorite part of the design process for each project occurs when clients “see” the vision for the projects and spaces come to life. 

When asked what drew Hadley to a career with Defining Home her answer was clear.  Defining Home projects and design display the qualities and elegance of a fully-integrated team.  The collaboration and camaraderie that exists on the Defining Home team allows Hadley and others to expand their artistic abilities to give clients the best experience possible.  Hadley is eager to continue working and learning alongside her colleagues on new exciting projects.   


Logan Thornton

Logan Thornton works with the architecture arm of Defining Home Design Group.  With degrees in Architecture, Interior Architecture and a minor in Business, Logan works closely with the firm’s architecture clients to bring their designs to life by creating the design and construction documents for projects.

Logan knew very early in his studies at Auburn University that he wanted to pursue residential design.  With that in mind, he began his career with a high-end lighting firm in New York City and the Hamptons.  Interested in relocating closer to home, Logan found Defining Home Design Group.  His knowledge of both interior and exterior architecture and design makes him a perfect fit for Defining Home’s collaborative design approach.  Logan effectively bridges the gap between architecture and interior design by keeping the interiors in mind from the beginning of the project. He has had the opportunity while with Defining Home to work on both ground up construction as well as highly-involved renovations. 

One of Logan’s favorite projects was a client’s lake home which began as an outdated home with a goal to completely transform it into a modern yet timeless lake house while keeping the existing footprint and making as few moves as possible.  Logan and Defining Home accepted the challenge and worked with the clients from foundation to forks. Logan is the proud father of Defining Home’s mascot, Benji.


Mariola Henderson

Mariola Henderson handles Defining Home Design Group’s retail arm.  A native of Poland, Mariola has “lived” retail her entire life.  The child of parents and grandparents with family-owned retail businesses, Mariola initially set out for a career in Social Work and Education.  After emigrating to the United States in 2004 with an exchange program, Mariola quickly found herself back in retail. Despite her efforts Mariola determined that crossing the world to end up back in retail, meant that it was simply destined to be.

Since that time, Mariola has worked in retail furnishings at both the national and local boutique levels.  Her experience growing up working with her mother and grandmother drew her to Defining Home and its boutique and local feel.  Mariola’s passion for people and depth of knowledge of Defining Home’s retail and fabric offerings allows her to give our retail and design clients all of the resources and information necessary to complete any project.


Sara Wilson

Sara Wilson is a recent addition to Defining Home Design Group and oversees the operational management, marketing and legal activities for the firm.  An attorney by trade, Sara practiced law in Birmingham before relocating to Chicago and beginning a career in legal operations.  Now back in her hometown, Sara’s goal at Defining Home is to support and promote the talents and expertise of the firm’s designers, and ensure people have a solid understanding of the unique and wholistic services the firm offers. 

A personal lover of design and architecture, Sara found a unique venue for her skills and background allowing her to work daily in an industry she is passionate about. Moreover, with the recent purchase of her mid-century home, Sara finds inspiration for her own home in the work Defining Home designers and our talented third party vendors do on a daily basis.


Benji Thornton

Benji Thornton is Defining Home Design Group’s adorable mascot.  A 7-year-old Alaskan Klee Kai, Benji greets customers and clients at the firm’s Homewood studio.  Always along for the ride, Benji attends Defining Home client meetings and site visits (which are his personal favorite).  Benji’s favorite Defining Home projects include all the ones which allow him to hang out with his Dad and the rest of the Defining Home team.

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