Logan Thornton

Logan Thornton works with the architecture arm of Defining Home Design Group.  With degrees in Architecture, Interior Architecture and Business, Logan works closely with the firm’s architecture clients to bring their designs to life by creating the design and construction documents for projects.

Logan knew very early in his studies at Auburn University that he wanted to pursue residential design.  With that in mind, he began his career with a high-end lighting firm in New York City.  Interested in relocating closer to home, Logan found Defining Home Design Group.  His knowledge of both interior and exterior architecture and design makes him a perfect fit for Defining Home’s design approach.  Logan effectively bridges the gap between architecture and design by keeping the interiors in mind from the beginning of the project. He has had the opportunity while with Defining Home to work on both ground up construction as well as highly involved renovations. 

One of Logan’s favorite projects was a client’s lake home which began with an existing foundation and a goal to create something new and relevant for the clients with as few moves as possible.  Logan and Defining Home accepted the challenge and worked with the clients from foundation to forks. Logan is the proud father of Defining Home’s mascot Benji.