Mariola Henderson

Mariola Henderson handles Defining Home Design Group’s retail arm.  A native of Poland, Mariola has “lived” retail her entire life.  The child of parents and grandparents with family-owned retail businesses, Mariola initially set out for a career in Social Work and Education.  After emigrating to the United States in 2004 with an exchange program, Mariola quickly found herself back in retail. Despite her efforts Mariola determined that crossing the world to end up back in retail, meant that it was simply destined to be.

Since that time, Mariola has worked in retail furnishings at both the national and local boutique levels.  Her experience growing up working with her mother and grandmother drew her to Defining Home and its boutique and local feel.  Mariola’s passion for people and depth of knowledge of Defining Home’s retail and fabric offerings allows her to give our retail and design clients all of the resources and information necessary to complete any project.